About O-Sulee Multipurpose Cleaner and Leather Care Cleaner

If there’s one thing you should fake as a modern girl, it’s being a domestic goddess. You don’t really need to know the prices of all market goods and the best cleansers. You only need to know the best ones and pretend that the rest don’t matter. In the case of Healthy Living’s O-sulee multipurpose cleaner, you don’t even have to pretend. It cleans practically all surfaces of grime, dust and dirt, making everything look like new, even your old leather shoes. No more scrubbing for hours or using layers upon layers of cleaning treatment because with this one-stop cleanser, you clean even hard-to-maintain leather and prolong its life. The best part about O-sulee? No one will even know that you actually spent your afternoon getting a mani-pedi – your home will look like you’ve been cleaning it all-day.


- Super tough on stains and dirt
- Renews and revitalizes the surface
- Protects and Prolong the leather
- Made with biodegradable ingredients, paste formula
- Anti bacterial and Anti Static
- Non greasy & Hypoallergenic

6 Major functions of O-sulee Multipurpose Cleaner and Leather care Cleaner:

1. Decontamination - non abrasives, does not damage the object surface, it could remove all types of dirt and forms an isolation film on the surface to prevent the object to be contaminated.
2. Polishing – contains Brazil wax which has a strong function of polishing
3. Anti-static – contains anti-static agent, which could protect the isolation film on the surface and prevents any ashes or dirt’s that will stick to the object.
4. Anti-bacterial – sterilization is equivalent to the same dose of any anti bacterial agent which has the ability to kill all bacteria’s 1.5 times more compare to other product.
5. Mold prevention - contains benzoic acid used in food preservatives. It can inhibit fungal propagation, non corrosive to any materials for cleaning.
6. Odor - contains natural plant essence, helps remove unpleasant odor to the object, without harmful effects to human body.


- Use on cars (Interior & Exterior, Glass, Leather seats, etc.)
- Household Equipments (Refrigerator, Microwave, T.V, Air Condition etc.)
- Office Equipments (Computer, Fax machine, etc.)
- Leatherette goods (Upholstery, Shoes, Bags, etc.)
- Plastics, Glass, Metal, Nickel brass, etc.


- Use the sponge and apply small amount over the dirt area
- Rub the surface with the sponge gently
- Use a dry cloth to rub clean
- Repeat if necessary
- Clean the sponge with water and let dry

Net content: 350g ±5%
Shelf Life: 36months
Made in Taiwan