About O-Sulee Anti-Theft Wireless Alarm

Instant Installation (D.I.Y)

No Electrical wire needed

Can automatically armed & disarmed the security system

Compatible with any existing alarm system

Automatically detects the following: Door Open Warnings, Back Trunk Open Warnings, Window Break Warnings, Wheel Removing, Hit and Tow Warnings.

Adjust the sensitivity of the alarm thru the wireless pager

Intallation Guide

1. Turn the switch “ On” button of the wireless detection sensor. Turn clockwise direction for HIGH sensitivity and turn counterclockwise direction for LOW sensitivity.

2. Plug it to the 12volt lighter socket for charging when ignition key is On

3. Magnet the siren in the hood, keep the siren a little downward to avoid water goes in. Do not install the siren near the engine or high temperature area.

4. Connect the red wire to the positive node and black wire to the negative node of the car battery. Keep the small black antenna wire straight and away from the steel in order to achieve longer range.

Operating Manual :