About O-Sulee Tire Selant

Prevents Flat Tire, Repair & Seals instantly

- Fast sealing action, Repairs punctures up to ¼” (6mm)
- Remains liquid inside the tire, coating the tread area as the tire rotates, it will not harden or dry out.
- Tire sealant protects against rust and corrosion
- Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, and water soluble
- Tires treated with Osulee sealants can be cleaned out with water allowing for the installation of a professional plug/patch.
- 100% tire and rim friendly

Preventative maintenance is a key component!

Unlike major competitors, our thick formula, provides a quality seal, which will adhere to the tire permanently. It permanently seals leaks resulting in reduced tire wear for extended life. O-sulee Tire Sealant guards against punctures, flats and blowouts, which reduces downtime and improves safety. This also prevents tire vibration at high speeds, actually stabilizing tires for maximum safety. Wont freeze or evaporate inside tire for all-weather protection. Water-soluble fluid for easy cleanup and O-sulee tires sealant can be effectively used up to 3 to 5 years.


Kevlar fiber ( organic, with man made fiber technology), Native Rubber Particles, Propylene Glycol

Intallation Guide

1. Remove the valve stem core. Unscrew the cap from the valve stem. Slip the removal tool into the stem and rotate it counterclockwise until the core trigger is completely out of the stem. Keep the core and the removal tool nearby.
2. Attach the filler hose to the bottle and the tire stem. Squeeze the recommended amount of O-sulee tire sealant into the tire based on its size. Turn the bottle or tube upright occasionally during filling to check the amount of fluid dispensed.
3. Reinstall the valve stem core. Slip the core into the tire stem bottom first and use the removal tool to secure it into the threads with clockwise turns.
4. Re-inflate your tire to your recommended pressure.
5. The vehicle should be driven to spread the O-sulee tire sealant to the tire.

Important Notice - When the tire gets punctured, O-sulee tire sealant will automatically repair and seal the tire, no need to pull out the sharp object inside the tire, limit the vehicle at the speed of 50km/h within 30minutes of driving.
- If you wish to pull out the sharp object inside the tire, be sure to jack up the vehicle, pull out the sharp object then rotate the tire upside down, this shall enable O-sulee tire sealant to repair and seal instantly.
- Use only with tubeless tire.
- O-sulee tire sealant can seal and repair not more than 6mm of sharp object punctured in the tire, in the event the tire is punctured with more than 6mm of sharp object or gets punctured at the side of the tire, we recommend to vulcanize or change the tire immediately.


What is O-sulee Tire Sealant?

- Unlike our major competitors, O-sulee Tire Sealant is formulated with a thick formula, provides a quality seal, which will adhere to the tire permanently. It provide full time protection against air loss of the tire. O-sulee Tire Sealant extends the life of the tire by maintaining proper inflation and preventing under inflation.

Why do you use Kevlar fibers in flat fix?

- Kevlar fibers are five times stronger than steel. The stronger the fibers, the stronger the tire repair.

How does O-sulee Tire Sealant work?

- O-sulee Tire Sealant is drawn to the area of the escaping air. As the tire rotates and strikes the surface of the road, the hole is stretched open and the Kevlar fibers enter the cavity. The fibers wrap around the Kevlar Fiber and Native Rubber particles to form a permanent and flexible plug

How does O-sulee Tire Sealant work in tube and tubeless tires?

O-sulee Tire Sealant will eliminate 85-95% of flats in tubeless tires from punctures up to 1/4" or 6mm and 1/8” or 3mm for tube tires in diameter of the tire.

Will O-sulee Tire Sealant repair large wounds?

O-sulee Tire Sealant seals wounds measured by the size of the puncturing object, not the size of the wound. Regardless of how small a puncture may be, if the puncturing object has extensively damaged the tires integrity, the wound will continue to bleed air. This is a safety factor designed into the proprietary O-sulee Tire Sealant formulation. O-sulee Tire Sealant commercial/industrial grade will seal wounds made by puncturing objects up to and including 1/4" in diameter.

Will O-sulee Tire Sealant rust the rim of the tire?

- No, O-sulee Tire Sealant contains anti-corrosive agents to prevent corrosion from occurring as well as to deal with any corrosion on the tire prior to installation. Tires treated with Osulee Tire Sealant can be cleaned out by water.

Can O-sulee Tire Sealant dry out inside the tire?

- No, O-sulee Tire Sealant will always stay in the same condition as it was when it was inserted into the tire, it will remain liquid inside the tire because the tire is a closed container and no evaporation of the liquid can occur.

Is O-sulee Tire Sealant hazardous?

- No. O-sulee Tire Sealant is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and non-flammable. Being a Propylene Glycol based product, it protects the tire from excessive heat, prevents porosity, dry rot, and bead and rim leaks.

How long will it last?

- O-sulee Tire Sealant can be use effectively up to 3 to 5 years, Tires with thick casings will allow sealant to last much longer.

Does it cause wheel imbalance?

- Frankly speaking it will cause wheel imbalance so we strongly recommend to have your wheel balance after installation of O-sulee Tire Sealant.

Is it difficult to install O-sulee Tire Sealant?

- No! O-sulee Tire Sealant has been designed for "Do It YourSelf (D.I.Y)". To install O-sulee Tire Sealant into tires of an average passenger car or light truck requires less than 2 minutes per tire, while a large truck averages 5 minutes per tire.

Is O-sulee Tire Sealant expensive?

- Considering the fact that you are adding safety to each tire, extending tire life, protection for your wheels and minimizing downtime, the answer is a definite NO!

Where can I purchase O-sulee Tire Sealant?

Interested buyers may opt to call up our office to get the nearest respective dealers to service their tires.